George Cartwright Music Workshops

"George’s effectiveness in the classroom is rooted in his own distinction as a songwriter.


In 2003 I received a McKnight Composer's Fellowship. Part of the fellowship was the optional Community portion wherein you could chose to something in the 'community.' My choice was to do a project with the Parkview School in Roseville, Minnesota about improvisation,composition and human rights. In collaboration with one of the music teachers, the librarian and an English teacher we got together twice a week one spring after classes with the participating music students (seventh and eighth graders). We talked about improvisation and composition, did some improvising letting the students drive the discussion and performances. I recorded what they came up with. Some discussions were also held with other students expressing their thoughts and feelings on human rights I combined the spoken word material with the music ,mixed and matched and here is the moving and touching result.

Song List:
  1. Everyone Should Have a Home
  2. The Ability
  3. Love and Shelter
  4. Lose
  5. In This Country
  6. Don't Try to Hurt 'em
  7. Some Kids
  8. Discrimination