George Cartwright Music Workshops

"George is a terrific teacher—one who understands that his fundamental job is to liberate students’ creativity."


As a Working composer, bandleader, producer, saxophone player and improvising musician for more that 30 years, I have always been inspired by the relationship between music composition and improvisation. I have developed a series of workshops and lecture/demonstrations that explore this connection closely and help others learn about the creative process of making music. I believe that joy, inventiveness and shared vision make for more creative lives and my teaching methods reflect this belief.

I have been an active musician for over 35 years in New York City, Memphis , St Paul and Minneapolis. Music has taken me many places, meeting a wide variety or people, audience members, other musicians, performers of all stripe and many others in memorable situations I would not have been in otherwise. It has been a rich, rewarding, challenging and energizing time and has resulted in recording, lps, cds, concerts and that been memorable.

IN 2013 I was awarded a McKnight Composer's Fellowship. As my community portion of the award I worked with the music teacher and librarian at Parkview Elementary School in Roseville, MN for a project about the topic of Human Rights. Please visit my 'Example' page for more information about this specific project.

This experience has inspired me to take this idea and offer it in forms of workshops adjustable to schools and groups or any size and flexible enough to fit into a curriculum as desired. I hope you will take the time to visit the pages on my site and see what these workshops and even individual instruction can offer.